Licensed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and recognized by the most respected real estate and lending organizations, our exclusive team of brokers are the backbone of The Solution Team. Offering creative, highly-effective, and sensible funding opportunities to potential homebuyers of all types, we have developed a focus that is keenly aimed at finding a solution for each client, regardless of how unconventional it may be. Are you interested in rent-to-own housing? We can help!

Known to local professionals as the problem solvers, we approach each transaction with attitude, caring and determination, never giving up until we find a workable solution that ensures an affordable investment. Working as your partner in home financing, we work diligently to move you beyond the need to rent and into the opportunity to buy. Utilizing our vast network of industry connections, we can, and will, use whatever tools we have at our discretion to find that perfect deal and the funding needed to get you into the home of your dreams.

Thinking outside of the box? Really, to us, there is no box. To us, there exists an entire world of real estate opportunities and funding solutions that don’t fit within the traditional box. Therefore, we believe that it is our job to explore every possible venue in order to allow as many people as possible the opportunity of owning their own home.  

From buying a house with bad credit to dealing with a limited amount of cash to put down, our rent-to-own housing solution exists in order to help people. No matter who you are or what your situation is, we’d love the opportunity to work with you in order to help you make your dreams come true.

Find out more by contacting The Solution Team today. We look forward to doing all we can to help you get into your next home.