If you’re in the market for a rent-to-own home in Denver, there’s a good chance you’re already thinking about how you’ll decorate. There are so many options and styles to choose from that it can often feel overwhelming!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. We’ve been in the rent-to-own home business for awhile now and that means we’ve seen it all. With so much experience in seeing how homes are decorated, we think that we can provide some helpful tips to you in order to make sure that your new house feels like home.

In today’s blog, we’ll provide readers with a handful of great tips on how to decorate your home in order to make it feel like the place you love spending time in. After all, for most people, their homes are their refuge and the place they go to relax, eat meals, and sleep, so why not make the most of your space?

You Just Moved In To Your Rent-to-Own Home. What’s Next?

In our previous blog, we wrote about getting settled into your home in a way that makes you feel great about spending time in your space. Today’s blog is more about how to really make your house feel like home once you’ve settled in. Keep reading for a few of our favorite tips!

Invest in Art

People often think that great art is inevitably going to be expensive, but if you’re willing to get creative, it certainly doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as purchasing a mini movie poster for five bucks and grabbing a cheap frame from the thrift store. Or, of course, you can frame the cover of your favorite catalog, decorate with postcards, or hang up a few Polaroids. Get creative with the art that’s on your walls and you’ll feel cozier in no time!

Display What You Love

Injecting a bit of personality into your home doesn’t stop at framed art, though. Do you have a hobby that you love? How about a collection? Make good use of it! Whether you have a love of vinyl records or you’ve been collecting your favorite Blu Rays for years, keep them on display. Find a shelf that suits your style and organize it in such a way that your favorites are highlighted! Speaking of which…

Take Advantage of What You Have

You don’t have to rush out and grab a bunch of new stuff. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking that statue that’s always lived in your bedroom and putting it in the living room. The key is to be intentional about what you’re doing. Rather than simply moving things around, create a small display on an end table of a few things you like looking at. Whether it’s a pretty rock you found outside, a seashell from your trip to the beach, or a framed photo of your parents, using things that are found or free are a great way to make your house a little homier.

Upgrade the Lighting

Maybe you just can’t stand the lighting in your home. Sure, everything else about it is wonderful, the but gold-plated light fixtures are looking tarnished and a little dated. Luckily for you, a new light fixture is a temporary upgrade that can be moved from room to room or easily switched back should you ever decide to move. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of personality in a way that’s totally reversible. The same trick applies to the handles on your cabinet doors as well!

Go Green

The fastest way to make a house feel like home is to bring out a few plants. You don’t have to have a green thumb. In fact, succulents and cacti are almost impossible to kill as long as they get enough light and you don’t forget to water them occasionally (but be careful not to over-water!). Succulents make perfect accent pieces and it’s great to bring the outdoors inside if you want to make your house feel cozier.

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