If you want to buy a home, there are numerous things that have to align perfectly in order to make that dream a reality. Or so it seems, anyway. People often assume that they have to have a perfect credit score to buy a house. They also think that they can’t have had any problems in their past. Unfortunately, this is exactly what keeps hardworking people out of homes that they’d love for decades. Luckily, however, The Solution Team offers a rent-to-own home program that allows people to get into homes that they are happy with.

Why a Rent-To-Own Home?

For many people who desire buying a home, they think that the first meeting with their real estate agent will also be their last. These people, confident that there won’t be a solution to their credit score, often leave discouraged.

Fortunately, finding the home of your dreams is a bit more flexible than you might believe.

The Solution Team lives up to its namesake. From helping people choose the perfect rent-to-own program to helping them to secure a home loan, our team is here to help you find solutions that actually work for you every step of the way.

Can You Imagine Your Rent-To-Own House?

What does your dream home look like? The fact of the matter is that the majority of people don’t really want mansions with huge lawns and swimming pools in the backyard. Real people simply want a home that’s big enough for them that is well-suited to meet their family’s needs.

If you’d love to purchase a home, but you’re concerned that issues will keep you from doing just that, don’t worry. Our goal is to be the best and quickest solution to get you into the home of your dreams.

You might be surprised to learn that we’re a bit different than other real estate agents in Colorado. Sure, some of process is likely to look similar, but we want you to know that our goal is to take a bit of extra time in order to actually solve some of the problems that might keep you from buying a home.

Whereas other real estate agents would likely tell you that you can’t buy a home and then send you on your way, we’ll work to come up with unique solutions utilizing our knowledge of our industry’s secrets in order to get you into a home.

Can You Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit?

The answer is simple—it is possible! In fact, a minimum credit score of 525 is all that’s needed. Having a high credit score to buy a house isn’t a necessity anymore thanks to the solutions provided by The Solution Team!

No matter what’s in your past, we’ll work hard to find a way around any of the obstacles you might face so you can get into a home that you’ll love.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It doesn’t matter who you are or what your goals are when it comes to homeownership. We can help. Contact us today for more info!