Though you’ll find that some of our processes are, of course, the same as other real estate brokerage firms, we do take extra time and effort to work towards resolving issues that may preclude some from being able to rent or buy a home. Knowing the industry’s secrets and tricks, our team strives to never stop looking for a resourceful solution to your home buying needs.

Working as your partner, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process to ensure your complete confidence and gratification.

These steps include:

1. Qualifying – With just a few basic requirements, we can get you to easily qualify to rent or lease your own specific home. With just a quick verification of income and a credit and background check, we’ll quickly establish just how much you can afford to pay and start looking for properties.

2. Searching Let us know just what your living requirements are and we’ll search the area for the best matches. We’ll need to know how many bedrooms and baths you want, how small or large of a home you’re expecting and what area you prefer. Any other desires such as a finished basement, attached garage or fenced backyard would be helpful to know too.

3. Resolution Rather than simply finding you a rental home, we then go to work trying to ensure that you can soon own your own home. Through credit repair efforts, resolving issues regarding self-employment and funding and finding low down payment options, we can eliminate the problems that may be keeping you from owning. Our team has a variety of creative resources at our disposal, allowing us to overcome any obstacle standing in the way of home ownership.

4. Handing you the keys Acting in a quick and effective manner, we hope to get you into a home of your own in as little time as possible. It is our proudest moment when a client of ours is able to earn the title of homeowner.

Let us help you start the path to buying a home. Call us now for a personal consultation and we’ll get started right away.

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